Les Traverses


«When we converge at a ridge,  
chances are it’s to gain momentum.»  

In marking its three-year anniversary, ESSARTER Éditions is launching its first collection, Les Traverses. The idea for the collection came from the successful realisation of the short story À La Vôtre, published in November 2018.

The 24 / 7 access to information and rise of a journalism reliant on images both play prominent roles in daily life. Whether it is a source of information from the media, social networking or extensive private sources, society today experiences a constant stream of imagery, more or less informative. We might say that this stream is more visual than reflective.

What effect does this have on how we engage with events that have changed and continue to change the world? How are we to explain and analyse those that make-up our history? And how are we to do that with respect to all individuals’ unique senses of history?

Each edition is to be read as

[..] a short story or poem, pages 
to read as we walk - with half 
an eye or with attention, with  
the wind in the pages, and the 
pauses that give time to listen, 
to envisage the memory of the 
landscape.” ** 

This collection is meant to be a step aside from the nature of information without proposing a scientific and exhaustive truth. On the contrary, it acts as an appropriation of an history through a narrative. Our short stories are conceived during a hike performed by a small group, made up of a photographer, a writer and a graphic designer.

* Bande à part, Jacques Perret,
NRF éditions, Paris, 1951, p. 59/60.
** Alice Lognonné.