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ESSARTER [esaʀte]

meaning to strip clear and liberate a space,
re-establish a terrain, to make accessible
an unexplored area.

Editorial policy

ESSARTER Éditions is an association specialised in photo-documentary books. Its creation was born from the meeting between Mathilde Vaveau, photographer, and Lou Reichling, graphic-designer. Paul de Lanzac, photographer, joined them a few months later. Based on their common interests - books, documentary photography and literature - and their complementary skills, their main objective is to create books where texts and images meet and sometimes confront each other.

Collectively and without distinction, we are working with scholars, photojournalists, amateurs, academics, inhabitants, tourists, experts, and neophytes.

It is through the printed book that we wish to record our society: the book is both a literary and a visual essay. Between the documentary, which offers visibility on selected facts in images, and the fiction, which tells stories through words, our books offer to curious readers new and original literary experiences.

Our books address some of the major societal, political, and historical issues by looking closely at borders, conflicts, migrations, and cultural belonging.
How and why should history be made a modular object?
How does popular heroism construct official history?
How can we understand today’s inequalities through the revolts of the past?
Why is it necessary to talk about borders, exile, and migrations today?
Why is it important to think about the memory of the landscape and man’s imprint on it?

“ESSARTER” means to clear away the undergrowth, to clear a piece of land to open a field, a fresh and unexplored area. Each new project is the meeting of authors, who have infiltrated moving terrains, outside the lines drawn by the giants. They all investigate drifting places, searching, cutting, cropping, sorting out information, with their experiences, their past, and their knowledge.


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